TLSHealth - Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products
Product marketing

Commercializing of European products on Middle East and African markets via local distributors.

Thanks to our long experience, we could create a very strong and effective network of distribution over the majority of countries in Middle East region and Africa. We are open to collaborate with local partners in the countries for which we have not yet a local agent if they meet to our selection criteria. Our role is to take in charge all responsibility relating to the regulation in the country of origin in Europe and also to adapt with the regulation in the imported country. Our local agent will only start the distribution when we make the final product ready for sale. We consider that the high quality of any product is not sufficient if it is not married with a good promotion.

Therefore a permanent training is performed for the staff of our local partner in our facilities in France by our qualified persons. The promotion and marketing of products in the imported country are controlled by TLS HEALTH marketing department.

Regulatory affairs

Product registration and preparation of CTD files.

Often the main barrier to export any product is the « regulation » which could be obvious either for exporter or for importer or for both. Thanks to our experience in this field, we have solutions for such situations. Product registration is often required in the exported country. Our regulatory affairs department takes in charge this mission with high performance.

Pharmaceutical consulting

Designs for production sites, formulation and analytical methods.

TLS HEALTH Company main mission is to offer a high quality product to the patient in Middle East region and African countries. So for this reason we established our engineering department to help certain local partners to produce a local product with a high quality. We work on projects for clients both large and small including pharmaceutical plant design, engineering, machinery and construction. These facilities are complied with the last European cGMP requirements.